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Spotlight Interviews

Dr. Harry Lang

11/15/2021 | Spotlight Interviews

Audiology Services is pleased to present a story by Dr. Harry Lang, professor Emeritus of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Dr. Lang became deaf after contracting meningitis at the age of 15. Always interested in a career in engineering, he looked books on deaf people in the sciences but found there were none. To fill the dearth Dr. Lang became a prolific writer, focusing on deaf people who made advances in science and contributions to the arts and sciences. He also wrote of deaf people who had an impact on the Civil War, women’s rights, the invention of the TTY, and closed captioning on television.  

Dr. Lang is a native of Pittsburgh, where he graduated from the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. He earned a Bachelor’s in Physics at Bethany College in West Virginia, then taught physics at NTID for 20 years. While teaching, he earned a Master’s in Electrical Engineering at RIT, and a Doctorate in Education in Science Curriculum from the University of Rochester. He has received numerous awards and honors for his work.

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A Lifelong Journey

05/24/2021 | Spotlight Interviews

Matt Hay describes himself as someone who almost always sees the glass half full. He also thinks of himself as very pragmatic, something he says he learned from his father. Little did he know that those attributes, along with the loving support of his family and friends, would help him weather a journey he never expected to take.

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