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Hearing Aid Testing in Easton, PA

Do you find yourself struggling to hear the world around you? Many people take their hearing for granted until it starts to fail, but you don’t have to just accept hearing loss. Contact Audiology Services for our professional hearing aid testing service. If you live in or around Easton, PA, give us a call for a comprehensive test today.

Do You Need a Hearing Aid Test?

How do you know if you’re losing your hearing? After all, most people don’t wake up one day mostly deaf. Instead, hearing loss is a gradual process, so pay attention to these warning signs:

  • You constantly turn up the TV or the radio.
  • You have to ask people to speak up when they talk to you.
  • You miss calls, alarms, or doorbells.
  • You feel exhausted after conversations.

If you have noticed any of these signs, your hearing may be starting to go. Luckily, you can come to Audiology Services for a hearing aid test.

What Is a Hearing Test?

The first part of a hearing evaluation is a case history. We will ask you questions to see how much your hearing issues impact your daily life and to learn more about your health history. These questions will help us have a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing problems. Then we will provide the actual hearing test, which will help us see which sounds you struggle to hear.

If we find that you have permanent hearing loss, our professional staff will discuss your options with you. We’ll help you find a style of hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Then we’ll order your customized aids and send them to you within a few weeks.

Why Come to Us?

Audiology Services has been around for over 23 years, and we have the experience and skills to provide comfortable, professional, and reliable hearing tests and hearing aids. As a family-owned company, we are dedicated to giving each of our patients the best care possible.

When you come to us, we help you get the sound back. Contact our office at (610) 694-0141.