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Fader Plugs


Fader Plugs, LLC is a hearing solutions company that has been in operation since July 2015 and is on a mission to perceptually transform and aesthetically refashion the use of hearing protection. The Fader Plug is the first of many products, with a patent pending design, created to provide controlled decibel reduction in a highly functional and fashionable design. The device can be considered the first mechanical, adjustable earplug that allows consumer to adjust sound attenuation without taking the device out of their ear. Fader Plugs has a manufacturing agreement with the global lead in in hearing healthcare, Starkey Hearing Technologies. The custom Fader Plugs require ear impressions and will be custom fit to your ear; everyone has a different ear physiology. 


Fader Plugs are useful in many applications:

  • Those who attend concerts/shows but want to still enjoy the nuances of the songs being played
  • Musicians and audio engineers
  • Those with Autism and Hyperacusis
  • Those who have suffered concussions and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Those with general sensitivity to sound
  • Those with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (case specific)
  • Industrial environments - where your ears need to be protected, but you also need to attune to sounds of danger/warning.




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