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Claudia Hensen's Blog Series

Better Late than Never

04/21/2021 | Claudia Hensen's Blog Series

You’re never too old to enjoy better hearing. Just ask Jim DeSapio. He recently got his first pair of hearing instruments at the age of 71 and couldn’t be happier. “I felt bad for my wife, because I had trouble hearing her,” he says.

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Hearing vs. Listening: They’re very Different!

04/29/2021 | Claudia Hensen's Blog Series

“You never told me that.” “Yes, I did, but you weren’t listening. You never listen to anything I say!” Does that little conversation sound familiar? I’d venture to guess that most couples have had some version of that exchange more than once.

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Welcome to Better Hearing and Speech Month

05/13/2021 | Claudia Hensen's Blog Series

I recently read that May is national smile month. I knew it was also Better Hearing and Speech month, so I wondered what other things we mark during a year. I began to look into it and was amazed at what I found. There’s a month set aside for almost everything!

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