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After Thoughts

How was your Thanksgiving? That’s the question that most people are hearing from friends and co-workers, now that the holiday is over. This year’s turkey day was exceptionally good for me. A total of 15 of my relatives, including four little ones and two babies, shared the fun and the feast. Before we dug in, we each listed the three things we’re most thankful for. Family and friends topped the list of course, followed by everything from being blessed with good health and being lucky to have an enjoyable job to being grateful for disposable diapers.  

After the holiday was over, and I was once again alone in my home, I started to think about all the sounds of the Thanksgiving season. First there’s the doorbell. The sound of the “ding-dong” is a welcome one. It means the guests are starting to arrive, and the festivities are about to begin. Then I thought about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We all crowded around the television and oohed and ahhed at the Rockettes and the gigantic floats and balloons. Sure, there’s closed captioning, but imagine not being able to hear the music from the newest Broadway show or Michael Bublé crooning his latest hit. After the parade, the guys turned on the football game. What would the day be if we couldn’t hear the cheers, the boos, and the actual grunts from the family room as their team scored a touchdown or fumbled?

Let’s move to the kitchen where the ladies were gossiping, basting and test-tasting. Finally we heard the long-awaited “ping” from the oven signaling the turkey was done. That meant it was time to call everyone to the table. The clatter of silverware, the request to please pass the gravy and the stories being retold of past Thanksgivings were music to my ears. Eventually there was silence. I welcomed that sound, since nothing signifies satisfaction better than a room-wide silence during a delicious meal. I knew people were stuffing themselves with stuffing.

After dinner there was the usual clanking of plates as they were put in the dishwasher, people on the sofa complaining of gluttony, and this year, the sound of Uncle Bob snoring in the lounger.

You’re Thanksgiving sounds may not match all of mine, but you get the idea. The ability to hear is a tremendous blessing. So are the hearing instruments and audiologists who fit them. Without hearing aids, I’d still enjoy Thanksgiving, but I’d miss so much. I’d hear bits and pieces, here and there, but it would be like an incomplete puzzle; I wouldn’t get the whole picture. What a shame that would be. Truly.

So next year, when we all list what we’re grateful for, I’m putting hearing instruments and my audiologist at the top of my list. Number two will be family and friends. And number three? You’ll have to tune in next year to find out!


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